About Us

We're a small, independent software engineering studio. We make products for macOS and the web.

A Healthy Ecosystem

These are our thoughts regarding a healthy software ecosystem. We try to exemplify them in our products.

  • Accessible, inclusive, localized software.

    People of all backgrounds and abilities should find themselves at home in the programs they use. Accessibility, in particular, is important to us. Our products will always be built with accessibility at their core.

  • One-time pricing.

    Our paid products will use a pay-once pricing model. The one-time purchase will grant you a perpetual license. Although a major update could require a new license and thus a new purchase, the license for the previous version will never expire.

    We will use a recurring or subscription-based pricing model for a product only if it absolutely makes sense, e.g. your usage of the product can directly correspond to a higher monthly operational cost for the company.

  • Open ecosystem; data portability.

    It should be straightforward to export your data from our apps for any reason — switching to a different app, backups, whatever. And when suitable open standards are available, we will use these standards.

  • Long-lasting services.

    When we provide a service (e.g. a web app) we intend for it to be long-lasting. By long-lasting, we mean it should continue to work 10 years into the future, at least in read-only form.

  • No in-product ads; no data collection by default.

    Our products—free or paid—will not have ads. We do not and will not track you across websites and apps. If one of our products has the ability to collect usage data to improve the product, it will be off by default and will require explicitly opting in.

  • Your data will never be sold.

    This should be a given, but we will say it nevertheless: We will never sell your personal information or data to a third-party.