Algebraic main window
Algebraic main window on macOS
A file named “vegan.jpg” being dragged onto the main Algebraic window
Easy as drag-and-drop Encrypt and decrypt files simply by dragging them onto the Algebraic window or its Dock icon.
Algebraic password windows
State of the art cryptography Secure, modern encryption using open source XChaCha20-Poly1305 and Argon2id implementations. Docs
Finder context menu showing Algebraic-related items
Finder, meet Algebraic Encrypt and decrypt files directly from Finder menus, or use shortcuts ⇧⌘E and ⇧⌘Y. Docs
Algebraicfile icon
Advanced file format The encrypted file format is designed for integrity, performance, & backwards compatibility. Read more
Algebraic progress window, and an Algebraic system notification.
Progress windows & notifications Follow longer operations with smooth progress estimates and native system notifications.
Terminal showing the output of ax(1) commands
Command line powers New The included ax(1) command complements Algebraic with programming and automation productivity.
Algebraic in dark appearance mode
Algebraic has gorgeous, finely-tuned light and dark appearance modes
Several file type icons on a plain background
Supports all file types Encrypt any kind of file—movies, documents, images, archives, binaries—and entire folders recursively.
Algebraic alert describing a decryption error due to an incorrectly entered password
Robust error handling Know reliably if encryption or decryption failed unexpectedly, along with the precise reason why.
Algebraic Preferences window showing the Encryption section
Unparalleled detail Preserve file attributes, xattrs, and ACLs. Even encrypt file and directory names, and fuzz file sizes.