Finder & Services Integration

Algebraic Algebraic icon integrates with Finder Finder icon—and more generally with the Services framework on macOS.

Install Algebraic as usual. Then open a Finder window to get started.

Finder menus

You can encrypt and decrypt files and folders from Finder. Select items in Finder. Then choose “Encrypt in Algebraic” or “Decrypt in Algebraic” from a Finder context menu (Control-click or right click).

If the Algebraic menu items are absent, you can find them under Services in the context menu, as pictured below.

You can also find these actions in the menu bar: choose Finder > Services > Encrypt in Algebraic, for example.

Finder context menus showing Algebraic menu items
Finder context menus

Use keyboard shortcuts

In Finder, you can use the shortcut ⇧⌘E to encrypt selected items and the shortcut ⇧⌘Y to decrypt selected items.

Customize keyboard shortcuts

You can change the shortcuts for the “Encrypt in Algebraic” action and the “Decrypt in Algebraic” action. Open System Preferences, then click Keyboard. Select the Shortcuts tab, then click Services in the sidebar, as pictured below.

System Preferences showing the Services section
Services in System Preferences