Algebraic 1.19

Runs on macOS Big Sur 11.0 or later

You can download and evaluate Algebraic for free, but a license must be bought for continued use. Buy a License

Without a license key, Algebraic runs in unregistered mode, but otherwise it has the same functionality as a licensed copy.

Algebraic windows on an electric-blue background

Looking for an earlier version?   Please email support, and we can send you download links. We haven't just yet gotten around to making earlier versions available on this website.

Other operating systems.   Algebraic is currently available only on macOS.

Verifying your download

You can verify the authenticity and the integrity of the downloaded disk image (.dmg) by running the following command at a terminal, assuming you've saved it in your Downloads folder. If the command produces no output, the disk image is successfully verified.

codesign --verify '-R=anchor apple generic and certificate leaf[subject.OU] = TJ2Q8KH7G9' "${HOME}/Downloads/Algebraic.dmg"

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