FAQs on Buying Algebraic

Algebraic Algebraic icon offers one license type. You can buy it here. It costs around $17.

You can download and evaluate Algebraic without a license key. There are presently no restrictions on features or usage duration during evaluation. However, if you decide to continue using Algebraic, a license must be purchased.

One-Time Payment

The license cost is a one-time payment, and not a subscription. There are no time or version restrictions on the license. You buy it once, and it will work with all Algebraic versions forever.

Any Number of Computers

Each license allows one user to use Algebraic on any number of computers. This can include work computers in which you are the only user of the application.

Alternatively, a single license can be used by multiple users, but all users must be on the same computer.

License Keys

When you buy a license, you'll get a license key to your email address within minutes. Entering the license key in Algebraic puts the application in registered mode, which removes the “unregistered” notice and the purchase prompts.

We abhor DRM, and Algebraic does not use any form of it. Algebraic does not require an Internet connection—and does not “phone home”—to verify the license key.

Algebraic Preferences showing the Registration section
Algebraic Registration screen


Refunds are available within 30 days of purchase. Please email support.

Businesses and Education

Organizations and businesses may purchase and use regular licenses, provided usage of the licenses meets the requirements on number of users/computers. Presently there isn't a separate license type for organizations or businesses.

Reduced student and education pricing is available. Please email support.

If you plan to buy more 10 or more licenses, and are interested in potentially reduced pricing, please email support.

Mac App Store Unavailability

Algebraic is not available from the Mac App Store, and there are no plans to make it available from the store. You can download Algebraic directly.