Privacy Policy


Algebraic Algebraic icon does not collect any data whatsoever. Algebraic never uses the Internet, except to check for updates.

You can probably stop reading here. The rest of this page describes privacy aspects for the update checks and for the license keys, if you're curious about those.

Update Checks

Algebraic is configured to check for updates automatically by default. Automatic update checks can be turned off in the application's preferences.

Requests to check for and to download updates happen only through the domain (Prior to Nov 9, 2022 some requests were sent directly to

The updates server at does not store or forward potentially identifying information, such as request IP addresses or user agent strings.

License Keys

License keys—obtained upon purchasing Algebraic—do not contain personal information, such as names or email addresses of license holders. License keys are validated locally; Algebraic does not use the Internet to validate license keys.

The essence of this privacy policy will not change.